Cremation Services

Each funeral is as unique as the individual, Barnes Memorial Funeral Home has created many cremation orientated service options. Choosing cremation does not need to eliminate any other types of services, visitation, service, reception or a celebration of life can be part of your service choices. Whatever your choice is, your director will help your detail all of your wishes with you to ensure your loved one’s wishes and your needs are respected at all times.

An expensive casket is not legally required for direct cremation, we offer cost effective cremation caskets to families choosing cremation as an end of life alternative. If you wish to have a more traditional type of funeral service with visitation prior to cremation, Barnes offers a choice of ceremonial caskets as well as low – mid priced caskets to accommodate your needs and your budget.

When considering cremation, today’s families are concerned with many complex issues: how cremation affects the environment (especially when compared to traditional burial), personal finances, and faith being amongst the top three. If you, or a family member, are curious about cremation or wondering if cremation is the right option for your situation, we invite you to read the articles in this section.

If you have concerns or additional questions, we ask that you connect with us by calling 905-655-3662.

We will be pleased to take part in your cremation conversation.