About Cremation

Cremation is an end of life option where a deceased human body is exposed to extreme heat and is reduced to its basic elements in the form of cremated remains. Cremation must occur at a licensed crematorium in a cremation chamber or retort. After the cremation and final preparation occurs, the cremated remains are placed in an urn which is purchased or provided by the family. Alternatively the cremated remains are delivered to the family in a temporary container.

Cremation – Part of the Green Alternative To Earth Burial

Cremation for many is a sound environmental choice and is part of a green funeral alternative to earth burial. Interment or scattering of cremated remains uses less of our land resources. There are some cemeteries that have areas set aside for scattering of ashes. To find out where cremated remains may be buried, placed in a niche space or scattered please contact one of our licensed funeral directors for more information. We offer many options for urn selection, cremation jewellery, custom finger print jewellery as well bio-degradable cremation urns, if you so choose.

Ability to Personalize

Cremation provides a greater ability to personalize. A unique memorial service can be developed for your loved one that can be personalized just for them and how you want to remember them. The options may include visitation, memorial service, celebration of life, tribute reception, or a quiet gathering, to name a few. There are also many choices when choosing a final resting place for remains, including urns, scattered in a favourite location, immortalized in memorial jewellery, or in multiple urns which can be shared with more than one family member.